Australian Shepherd Size Guide: How Big Do These Dogs Get?

Brushing your Australian Shepherd ensures your pooch ends up feeling great and comfortable. Plus, you get to create a strong bond with your hairy companion. Note that the Australian Shepherd coat has lots of natural oils in it.

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Your Australian Shepherd may flourish in any environment if given sufficient care and attention. If your dog is shedding in clumps, we’d recommend reaching out to your vet. If you don’t groom your dog regularly, it’s possible their fur will mat, and come out in batches rather than just in smaller amounts. It could also be the result of an underlying health concern, so that’s why we recommend checking with your vet.

Australian shepherds excel at sports, such as agility, rally, advanced obedience and herding. These activities help to give your dog a purpose, something that’s important for this breed, and a way to burn off excess energy. You and your dog can compete together in any or all of these events, and Aussies often win ribbons and trophies in dog sports. While it’s important for her to adjust to her new home, she also must get used to the sights and sounds of other people, places and animals. An Australian shepherd puppy that is socialized poorly is likely to be fearful and shy, and she may end up with serious behavior problems, such as fear biting.

After this time, your pal’s growth rate will slow significantly. Their cleverness makes Aussies super easy to train, so these pups may seem like the perfect companions – and they totally are… for someone with plenty of canine experience. Newbie owners beware, though, these dogs really do have some serious smarts, and they’re not above playing tricks to get their own way.

Typical Australian Shepherd Lifespan

While it’s important for your Aussie to get exercise, you’ll want to stick to low-impact activities until your dog is fully grown. When first teaching your Australian Shepherd to be good with other dogs it is important to get the introduction right. On the first meeting with a new dog, they don’t have to get close or sniff each other’s bottoms. Just being in the same area as the other dog without any bad experiences is beneficial.

Any time you exercise your Australian Shepherd, you should be careful to keep a close eye on them. Whether you are running your Aussie on the trail or taking them for a walk around the neighborhood, you should always be aware of the environment. When on the trail, keep an eye out for other runners and cyclists. If your Aussie is panting heavily and appears fatigued, you should head home. Exercising your pet when they are too tired can be just as harmful as exercising them when they are too young. Early socialization and obedience training are both musts for the Australian Shepherd.

Look at their body size and shape.

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Even though they are much smaller than the stronger breed, Mini Aussies can harm someone if they get aggressive. One of the significant features of the standard, as well as a mini Australian shepherd dog, is their fluffy, big, and gorgeous double coat. Fortunately enough, they do not shed much either – only twice a year during their shedding season. The Australian Shepherd is descended from a line of herding dogs in Europe. The indigenous people known as the Basque raised their predecessors near the Pyrenees Mountains.

If you are holding the leash tight they will be able to feel the tension. Australian Shepherds were bred to herd cattle and be guardians of the herd. As a result, they have a very strong herding drive and can be very protective of other dogs. This can lead to them wanting to herd and control other dogs or be protective of other dogs especially if they are from the same home. Many Australian Shepherd owners consider getting a second Aussie or dog of another breed to be a companion for their Aussie. Most Australian Shepherds do need companionship and prefer to have company, especially if they are left home alone often.

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You can find high-quality food in various diet types, such as kibble, convenient fresh subscriptions, and raw nutrition. The diet type you choose for your Aussie determines the food bill, too, with fresh and raw diets being the more costly option. Australian Shepherds are medium-sized dogs that typically weigh between 40 and 65 pounds. This means they usually need medium size equipment, which commands medium prices. Some equipment can last a lifetime if you buy high-quality, such as dog beds and crates.

This effectively blocks the jump; it also disposes him to respond to a sit command. Who doesn’t love the affectionate, intelligent, and active Australian Shepherd breed? But, it’s crucial to own a purebred Aussie to avoid unexpected problems. Australian Shepherds typically have a medium-sized, well-balanced body with a gorgeous variety of coat colors, including blue merle and red merle. Their striking appearance and expressive eyes make them instantly recognizable and appealing to many.