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In 2007, automobile sales witnessed a first-class year in China. After the melancholy in 2005, the auto marketplace step by step develops with a potential tendency: the sales of medium and excessive grade passenger motors and concrete SUV will hold high growth; commercial passenger automobile industry can even gradually increase; however, the general increase fee of industrial freight automobiles will decrease, and the opportunity lies in merchandise upgrading and export.

Affecting and assisting factors in 2008

In 2008, automobile enterprise will face affecting factors such as electricity-saving environmental policy, levying of petroleum tax, unification of domestic and overseas agency meilleur comparateur prix taxes, high-price petroleum and improvement of new energy etc. Thus vehicle sub-industries will face new possibilities and demanding situations.

Formation of a new purchaser group and the apparent intake improve fashion are the backgrounds for a progressively developing passenger automobiles market, whilst GDP, fix asset investments and new rural creation factors are the helping factors for industrial freight motors strong boom. Demographic dividend, tourism boom and expressway expansion are the forces to maintain consistent development of business passenger automobiles. In the auto industry, there are passenger motors as discretionary consumer merchandise, in addition to commercial vehicles with capital items reason. Each department industries will undergo a development level where possibility and challenge co-exist, in the meantime, the main businesses of automobile components may even have substantial opportunities. Therefore upstream main car parts traders within the vehicle enterprise chain will include a excessive-speed improvement degree.

Growth numbers

Presently the common in line with-capita automobile number is 3 vehicles in keeping with a hundred persons in China. According to the internationally widespread car popularizing degree division, China is within the “early stage of motorization”. Nevertheless, because of one of a kind urban-rural twin structure in China and the special improvement stage among city and suburban districts, per-capita vehicle wide variety is twenty cars in line with hundred individuals in tier one cities, where the auto consumption is in a “level of motorization”. It is expected that maximum towns of China will continue to be in this stage for a protracted length.

As of October 2007, automobile income reached 7,150,000 vehicles in China, a yr-on-year gathered growth of 24%. Among this range, passenger motors income had been 5,079,400, with a 12 months-on-year accrued increase of 23.75%, at the same time as commercial cars sales have been 2,070,000, with a yr-on-year accrued increase of 25.14%. Firstly, permit’s study the quick-time period sales trend of various car types.

Since 2002, annual income of passenger automobiles have move the million line in China, attaining a excessive-velocity growth for 5 years. At the cease of 2007, it’s far envisioned that income will reach six million cars. Considering excellent financial distinction among regions in China, the primary improvement engine for the auto industry is the present patron’s alternative demand and new user’s first shopping demand.

Passenger automobiles

Brand opposition among passenger automobiles is fierce. Currently passenger cars brands general about 340 in China, and the annual average income in line with logo is 17,000 this 12 months, a year-on-year lower of 45% for passenger motors brands. The motive is that passenger vehicles market well-knownshows emblem ailment and immoderate small organisations, which is likewise related to the intake function of passenger motors in China.