Choosing a Cat Tree, Playground or Kitty Condo – What’s Best For You?



Buying cat furniture may be a perplexing and perhaps onerous enjoy. Nothing is greater frustrating than to installation a beautiful cat tree only to have your cats completely forget about it! I’ve owned cats all my lifestyles, and in this article I’ll try to proportion some of my information and perception with you to help make your choice a bit easier.

There are more than a few of factors to do not forget in deciding on a cat tree, apartment, tower, playground or gymnasium. Here, in no particular order, are a few things you will need to preserve in thoughts:

Your cat’s conduct and options
Placement and area necessities
Materials and creation
What does your cat need?
As a general rule, maximum cats percentage positive developments and conduct like interest, a desire to cover out in a darkish, enclosed area and a love of heights – but as every cat proprietor is aware of, every kitty is one-of-a-kind!

The first aspect I’d advise is to spend a few days Modern Cat Tower paying close attention to your cat’s behavior. Where does he usually sleep, hang out or play? What forms of matters does she play with? When you pick out her up, does she need to climb up on your shoulders? What varieties of locations are you usually battling to preserve him out of? The answers to these questions have to assist making a decision what styles of features your cat will respect the maximum.

Features and the kitties who love them:

Kitty Condo: A cat who tends to select a darkish, quiet corner to sleep in will probable want a model with a kitty apartment. The same could be stated for cats who love to discover shopping luggage, boxes, cabinets and different dark, secret places. If your household is one of these busy or aggravating ones with kids playing and masses of folks coming and going, kitty might simply love the peace and quiet that an enclosed cat condo brings.

Height: Some cats simply need to be up excessive. Some kitties similar to if you want to see the entirety, and a few experience extra secure up above the reach of the circle of relatives canine or small children. If your cat is continually trying to climb up on your shoulders whilst you pick out her up, or likes to bounce up on counters, you may consider getting the tallest cat tree, kitty fitness center or playground you could. A ground to ceiling tower can be a very good solution, and they arrive in an expansion of configurations – a few are very simple and absorb little or no floor area, others may be pretty complicated. There also are a whole lot of loose status models over 6 toes tall a good way to fulfill your cat’s need to look down on us bad humans!

Secure Sleeping Spot: Our cat Lucy always sleeps leaned up in opposition to something (me, a chair cushion, or the raised lip on her preferred cat perch) – she desires the security of feeling something against her again for her to sincerely loosen up. If your cat is like Lucy, you may need to make sure that the cat tree or playground you pick has a place to sleep wherein she’ll sense secure. You may need a snooze tray with raised facets, a curved half moon formed shelf or a kitty hammock.

Not So Secure Sleeping Spot: Our different cat, George, simply sprawls out everywhere – if your cat is like him, he’ll be glad with an open shelf to nap on.

Observation Post: Pretty tons every cat likes to hold an eye on things – it is definitely a survival intuition. Make sure the version you choose has an area wherein your cat will need to spend many hours of the day, whether it is a flat shelf, kitty hammock, curved shelf or tray. In addition to the style of the remark post, recall the peak off the ground and ease of access – in particular if your cat is aged or does not get round in addition to he used to.

Kitty Hammocks: We’ve determined that most cats love a hammock, despite the fact that timid cats may want some reassurance before everything due to the extra ‘provide’ they feel at the beginning after they step on it. Once they get used to it, it can come to be a fave ‘grasp out’ (sorry – I could not resist!). If your cat is unsure about the hammock in the beginning, placed it near the floor for brought peace of mind. As your cat receives used to it you can flow it higher if you want.

Play Tubes: Playful cats like tubes or tunnels due to the fact they could fee proper thru them or lie in wait and pounce at unsuspecting passersby – animal or human!


Even if the cat fixtures you choose has all the matters your cat loves, if you placed it inside the incorrect vicinity he may additionally absolutely forget about it. Think about wherein your cat spends time now – is she a ‘human beings cat’ who wants to be in the same room because the rest of the circle of relatives? Is she greater of a loner who seeks out quiet spots in unused components of the residence? Does he like to appearance out the window? (check for nostril prints at the glass!)

Years ago we had a fabulous ground to ceiling cat tower with multiple shelves, a kitty rental – the works! The only trouble was that the only region within the residence wherein we had space for it was a room that became hardly ever used. Since our cats like to be with us, they never used the tree, and we ended up donating it to the local humane society. Now we’ve got a smaller cat tree that we hold inside the circle of relatives room in which we spend a whole lot of our time, and the cats use it each day.

If you may vicinity the tree subsequent to a window there’s a miles higher chance that your cats will use it. A window that opens is pleasant, in particular for indoor kitties. The smells and sounds from exterior will keep them entertained and engaged inside the international around them.


Here’s where you begin considering your wishes. How much space are you willing and capable of devote to cat furniture, whether it is a playground, kitty gymnasium or cat tree? Be positive to look at all the dimensions – baseplate size, standard dimensions and peak – and in fact measure the gap you’ve got in thoughts to ensure it will fit. Many models are modular in design, so that you don’t should positioned it together precisely as it’s miles pictured. This can give you a chunk of flexibleness if space is an trouble. Look for the phrase ‘modular layout’ – now not all cat bushes have this option!

Materials and Construction

One of the principle issues here have to be how solid and sturdy the cat furniture is. Cats will now not use a wobbly or unstable tree. Look for wide bases and bottom heavy designs so one can hold it from tipping when your cat jumps up on it.

Wood: Some cat furnishings manufacturers use plywood, others use particle board – and they may all swear that the wooden they use is absolutely the pleasant! The truth is that each has blessings and disadvantages.

Plywood is pretty sturdy due to the fact it is crafted from thin layers of wooden and each layer has the grain walking in a extraordinary course from the layer above and under. Since the visible surfaces are protected, the producer can use a decrease grade of plywood that will have knots showing and may be a bit difficult to the touch. So you can have difficult exposed wood at the internal roof of a condominium or the bottom of the baseplate – no longer genuinely an problem for maximum oldsters, however a terrific thing to recognise beforehand of time.

Particle board is made from small timber chips bonded collectively with the aid of a sort of glue. It is heavier than plywood, so it adds balance to a cat tree, and the surface is plenty smoother than plywood. It is much more likely than plywood to interrupt – sometimes corners will chip off – but beneath regular use this shouldn’t be a trouble.

Coverings: Carpet or faux fur? The debate rages! One aspect all and sundry agrees on is that anything overlaying you pick make sure it is not a closed loop carpet or different masking that could catch a claw. I’m certain you’ve got seen a cat stretch out and get a claw stuck in a bedspread or sofa cushion – in a cozy putting the cat is commonly capable of extricate himself, even though he may go away a snag within the material! Imagine your cat at top pace romping up and down his kitty playground – if the playground is covered in non reduce pile carpet (like Berber) and he catches a claw it may motive a severe harm.

Carpet is gentle and alluring, but considering one of the purposes of cat furnishings is to provide your kitties a place to sharpen their claws, some folks assume carpeted cat furnishings simply encourages or maybe trains your cat to sharpen his claws on the carpet to your floor. Personally, I’ve in no way had that problem, however I recognise some folks have. If you do pick carpet, make sure it’s far reduce-pile carpet to save you possible damage fr