“Five-fold umbrella” compact item for travelers

If you are planning to travel whether near or far in the country or outside the country It is necessary to prepare a travel plan. Prepare accessories or items for the trip. To make the journey convenient and comfortable, reducing problems that may occur while traveling Currently, there are many items

that will make your travel easier, one of those cool items that we will introduce to everyone is the “5-fold umbrella”. That’s it.

“How cool is the 5-fold umbrella? ” It’s cool that it’s a foldable, lightweight, compact umbrella. It’s convenient to carry anywhere, just fold it up and put it in your pocket. I’m ready to leave. It also saves storage space, making it an ideal item for travelers. But the cool features of 5 folding umbrellas are not all that far! What else is good? Let’s go see it!

1. Why! need 5 folding umbrellas

If you ask why? The umbrella must be folded 5 times because it is an umbrella that is useful lightweight compact foldable for easy storage and easy to carry that can easily beat all types of umbrellas! The length of the 5-fold umbrella is only 7 inches long!! It is a 5-fold umbrella for travelers. Necessary, especially for novice travelers.

But not only for travelers Anyone can carry this folding umbrella with them, whether they are children, adults, or even young people, students, students can carry them. for the day when it rains or does not want to walk in the hot sun, It can be activated at ของชำร่วยงานศพ and all, very convenient.

2. Types of folding umbrellas.

type of folding umbrella There are 3 types, and all 3 types have differences in the size of the different umbrellas as follows:

• 2-fold umbrella: a 7-inch longumbrella

• 3-fold umbrella: an umbrella Size 9 inches long

• 5-fold umbrella: a 13-inch long umbrella

3. Features of folding umbrella

• Compact size, easy to carry with only 7 inches in length

• Umbrella made of 170T polyester fabric with UV coating. Protect the skin from the sun

• Folding umbrella frame made of strong and durable steel frame

• Plastic handle system that can be opened easily with button fasteners

4. Buying a folding umbrella suitable for traveling

• Size: It is something that travelers must consider first. to get a small folding umbrella not too big and has less storage space To save space inside your bag

• Strength: Because in each location There will be different climatic conditions. Sometimes it rains heavily Sometimes there may be a strong wind. Therefore, travelers must choose an umbrella that is strong so that it can withstand any situation.

• The texture of the umbrella: The texture of the umbrella is also important. because if you don’t choose well The fabric may be torn during use. which may be dangerous Therefore, must choose fabrics made from polyester fabrics.

that isdurable, able to protect from rain and sun as well because it is a versatile umbrella In addition to protecting you from unpredictable weather conditions. Another thing that is considered very useful is its compactness and portability. Suitable to be a must-have item for travelers.