How to Distinguish Between Autism and Other Conditions

In some cases, you might only recognize your own ASD symptoms when you have a child diagnosed. Experts haven’t yet decided on standard criteria to diagnose adults who believe they have ASD. However, a clinician may borrow some of the criteria used to diagnose children, such as experiencing problems with social communication, exhibiting restricted, repetitive behaviors, and any sensory issues. Communication – Children with autism have trouble with both verbal and nonverbal communication. They may avoid making eye contact or smiling, and may not understand the meaning of a smile, wink or wave. About 40 percent of children with autism don’t speak at all. Another 25 percent start talking at between 12 and 18 months, but then rapidly lose their language ability.

Understanding Autism

He suggested that many individuals with autism suffer from “mindblindness” — that is, they are unable to understand that other people have their own unique thoughts and emotions. It is this inability to empathize and relate to differences in others’ way of thinking that results in the communication and social difficulties that people with autism experience, according to Dr. Baron-Cohen. Asperger syndrome – Children with this condition have some symptoms of autism, including poor social skills and a lack of empathy, but they have age-appropriate language skills and a normal or high IQ.

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And, worst of all, the experience stays with me for ages after. My mind keeps getting pulled back to the noise for the rest of the day. I can even remember specific feelings caused by specific incidents months, or even years, afterward. While a lot of people have aversions to particular sounds, sights, smells, tastes, or physical sensations, the way in which autistic people experience negative sensory input is at a level that can be hard to describe to non-autistic people.

How is Autism Diagnosed: Screening & Diagnosis

SciSparc’s novel SCI-210 therapy is not only a medication based on CBD; it is also a unique combination of cannabidiol and SciSparc’s proprietary Palmitoylethanolamide, aimed to ease the symptoms of ASD. The “us versus them” mentality continues to rule on the Surf City Council, where 4-3 votes remain extremely commonplace. Moser said she hasn’t even introduced many items lately, but she felt that working on autism inclusion and accessibility could be something the council could work on together. The center’s clinical director, Dr. Emilio Amigo, waved at me once I got inside. Behind a closed door I heard the voices of his clients — autistic young adults from mostly working- and middle-class central Ohio families — boisterously chatting about their Friday night plans. Autism doesn’t impact sexual development or the ability to experience sex. While there appears to be a link between autism and gender dysphoria, the exact nature of this relationship is unclear.

A 2015 review proposed that immune, gastrointestinal inflammation, malfunction of the autonomic nervous system, gut flora alterations, and food metabolites may cause brain neuroinflammation and dysfunction. A 2016 review concludes that enteric nervous system abnormalities might play a role in neurological disorders such as autism. Neural connections and the immune system are a pathway that may allow diseases originated in the intestine to spread to the brain.

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It is those observations―in combination with family history, health examinations, and parents’ perspectives―that help pediatric primary health care providers identify children at risk for ASD. While men and women share aspects of autism in common, we need to remember they have a lot that is not in common, too. In exactly the same way that there are differences in the ways neurotypical men and women think, act, and experience life in general, there are differences in the ways in which men and women with autism interpret and experience their world.