How to Manage a Remote Team: 2023 Best Practices Guide

The agile principles of adaptability, open collaboration, continuous learning, and self-organization can help distributed teams work together more effectively. In particular, the scrum methodology’s defined set of rituals and roles can help serve as a framework to structure and manage remote teams of all kinds, but especially software teams.

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Learning how to manage a remote team shouldn’t be as difficult as it might seem. Remote employees’ performance affects your overall business growth.

Product Employee Success Platform Improve engagement, inspire performance, and build a magnetic culture. The World Health Organization found that poor productivity due to anxiety and depression cost the world $1 trillion every year. However, it also found that for every $1 invested in mental health, there’s $4 worth of improvement in health and productivity. Leaders carry their followers every step instead of sending their followers to the forefront without setting the pace. You should understand that your team members don’t all have the same working environment. In terms of expectations, be honest about the workload you expect to have for your contractors. Many B2B marketing companies tell freelancers they can expect the amount of work to increase substantially over the coming months, even when this isn’t the case.

Moreover, we’ve trained our team to understand the importance of clear communication and well-document tasks to avoid any performance issues. Delaying the questions or asking them near the deadline is disastrous. To avoid this, the team members are advised to send in their queries on chat, and the corresponding team member can respond to it when they read it. The added bonus of using Team Huddle for team management is that each team member can add an emoji to their check-in, so I know who’s happy or who’s stressed, and help out accordingly.

In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to use Teambook’s various features to manage a remote team effectively. Finally, let’s not forget the importance of home and family life for people working remotely. In most cases, remote workers have experienced those blurred lines between work and family life as both are happening in the same space. We’ve even seen so many cases of children and pets becoming almost like coworkers to people working from home, making the lines even less clear. In addition, think about how you can strengthen the feelings of appreciation across your teams. Encourage teammates to send digital appreciation letters to each other.