Ice Makers & Ice Machines

A drink’s flavor and customer experience will be improved if the correct kind and quantity of ice are added to keep it frozen. Commercial ice makers, often known as ice machines, offer a dependable, regular source of ice in different forms and dimensions. Check out our ice machine buying guide if you’re seeking for more specific instructions on how to purchase the tube ice machine that is right for your company.

Ice maker or ice machine types

It’s critical to choose the best ice maker or machine for your company from among the many options that produce different types of ice. Generally speaking, ice machines are standalone devices that generate vast amounts of ice for industrial uses. Our selection includes the Polar G-Series under Counter Ice Machine, which is ideal for pubs, bars, and food courts with constrained space because it can create up to 50 kg of soft, bullet-shaped ice and can be hidden behind counters. We also have the Ice-O-Matic Bistro Cube Ice Machine, which has a 24-hour production of 57 kg and a 22 kg integrated ice storage bin. It makes individually manufactured, solid, crystal-clear, slow-melting ice cubes.

Ice crushers are made to make crushing big amounts of ice faster, safer, and easier so that ice may be added to drinks or even to exhibit certain beverages or desserts in display fridges. Our Caterlite Ice Crusher has a volume capacity of 12 kgs. There are ice flakers that make flakes of ice, which can also be utilized and served. Despite having higher than average pricing, these ice makers can produce dry, granular ice in flat, uneven shapes that are ideal for storing and displaying fresh fish and meat on counter displays. An antibacterial substance that lowers the possibility of bacterial buildup inside the ice container would be included in a good ice flaker. Like the Ice-O-Matic Modular Flake Machine, which can keep and flake up to 343 kg of ice at a time, it would likewise have a sizable holding capacity.

Ice accessories

Of course, various accoutrements or accessories, such ice buckets and ice buckets with lids, can be utilized in addition to ice to keep wine, alcohol, or bottled beverages cool in style. Another consideration is how to arrange the ice-cold products so they seem delicious and appetizing. You can choose from a variety of cocktail shakers, cocktail glasses, glass tumblers, and paper straws to enhance the flavor of your mixed drinks and desserts. For instance, the Olympia 3-Piece Cobbler Shaker is a fantastic tool for mixing traditional cocktails and has a built-in strainer, making it exceedingly quick and simple to use. In whiskey and cocktails, the ice created by tube ice machine is more famous and liked. Additionally, we offer the Libbey Speakeasy Nick & Nora Glasses set, which is regarded as a chic substitute for the standard martini glass with a larger holding capacity and better storage.